Recently an 18 year old coed lost her life heading away from campus for a home visit. It was reported that she was traveling at 80 mph and texting on average every 90 seconds. One of her last messages is a haunting indication of her awareness of the safety implications of her actions as she told a friend she had to continue their conversation later because she was driving.

A tragic loss for her friends and family, but one that has her parents adding their voices to the growing call for nationwide laws regarding texting and driving.  Across the nation 35 states, D.C. and Guam have bans regarding texting for all drivers. An additional 7 states prohibit text messaging by novice drivers. Three states restrict school bus drivers from texting while driving.

In the four states serviced by the Tom Molloy Insurance Agency three of them have bans on text messaging while driving, Nevada, California and Utah.

The following link has a state by state chart of regulations regarding not only texting but also the use of cell phones and hand held phones. Regulations regarding school bus drivers and novice drivers are also detailed.  Some states have distracted driver laws that regulate many of the same behaviors.

Review the information and become familiar with those laws that exist where you live and travel. Safe practice is critical to the best protection.


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