Our Las Vegas Agency offers a wide variety of surety and fidelity bonds. A bond is a guarantee to do or perform something. Depending on the type of bond and the bond amount the surety company will check credit and require financial statements. In some cases certain bonds are instant issue. The underwriters we work with give us quick responses provided we have all the necessary paperwork completed from you. Below are just a few examples of the bonds we do.

Surety Bonds Fidelity Bonds * Please Note
• Bid Performance
• Notary with E & O
• Sales Tax
• Contractors License
• Utility Deposit
• Motor Vehicle Dealer
• Garage, Auto Body Shop
• Seller of Travel
• Tour Broker & Operator
• Employee Dishonesty
• Business Services
• Public Official
If you are applying for a bond in the amount of $10,001.00 and greater, please complete the Business & Personal Financial Statement Forms to expedite the underwriting process. Thank You.

PDF Downloads Available Below
1. Financial Statement

Notary Bonds -Instant Issue, click here


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