Distinctive Insurance Provider in Southwest

What makes Tom Molloy Insuance distinctive in the field of insurance agencys? The Tom Molloy Agency is dedicated to finding the best fit for your needs in the personal and/or commercial arenas. Located in Las Vegas Tom Molloy services Utah, Nevada, California, and Arizona. Tom Molloy is family owned and operated. Tom Molloy is coming [...] read more

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Recently an 18 year old coed lost her life heading away from campus for a home visit. It was reported that she was traveling at 80 mph and texting on average every 90 seconds. One of her last messages is a haunting indication of her awareness of the safety implications of her actions as she [...] read more

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Spring is almost here and the highway is calling….recreational vehicles are coming out of hiding, motorcyclists are taking advantage of milder weather, boat enthusiast are looking forward to hitting the high seas and hidden inner passages. In the Tom Molloy Insurance service area, adventure seekers and those just out for a relaxing drive are prepping [...] read more

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Workers Compensation Protects Employers

In this economic climate many employers are looking for ways to trim expenses. The expense of providing Workers Compensation Insurance is one area that some employers may choose to take a risk, especially those businesses with few employees, who generally use contracted services, depend on family members to conduct business, or feel that they somehow [...] read more

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Las Vegas Insurance Company new Mobile Ready Site

With over 25 years in the industry and licensed in Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California, Tom Molloy Agency is a family owned and operated agency established in 1983.  No “silver bullet” solution, we make balanced recommendations based on your core values and long-term objectives . Through this website our clients will find the tools needed [...] read more

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